Tuesday, April 24, 2012

post-graduation life.

Why, hello! Well, I can't tell you how grand it feels, sitting here on a Tuesday morning. Slept in, ate breakfast, put some curlers in for the show tonight, Addison's out for a run (what??), and all I've got on the agenda today is a quick run to the store, and opening night for South Pacific! I'm diggin post graduation life so far. 
Graduation was a blast-seriously. As the youngest of 6, I've attended several grad ceremonies...and not to brag, but mine was by far the most entertaining. It was...well, "Xanadu"-themed! It was pretty rad, because the cast of "Xanadu" got to be pretty involved! Let's just say, I didn't walk on graduation day...I skated!
3 generations of Weber State Grads!
South Pacific is going well, we had a preview night on Saturday, in which most of my family already got to come to the show! My hair does not agree with the intense heat of curling before the show, getting wet, and blow drying/curling in 9.5 minutes before my next entrance. I swear my hair has never been so damaged-and it's only been a week! So any of your favorite tips for damaged hair will be appreciated! Thus, today, I am trying out those foam curlers from childhood-do you remember?? Man, just touch of them has sent me back!

We also had a bit of good luck! Addison and I won a photoshoot from our friend Amanda Rumsey Morgan. She is an extremely talented photographer and we knew she was up for a bit of fun, so we decided to go a bit theme-y. It turned out to be deliciously fun. Here's a little preview of our shoot:
Courtesy of Amanda Rumsey Photography.

Friday, April 20, 2012

guess who graduated?

 Grad announcement designed by Addison Cole Welch :) I have the most talented husband.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

you an' me is lucky to be us.

Did I mention South Pacific was going very well? And can I just say I love this brother? I love being able to see him and Laila everyday. The Lt. Cable and Nellie, and Ngana and Nellie scenes just might be the highlight of the show for me! It really is such a pleasure to work with them, and it better not be the last time.
This is my favorite line of the show this week:
Talk about the boy
sayin' to de girl:
"Golly, baby, I'm a lucky cuss!"
Talk about the girl
sayin' to the boy:
"You an' me is lucky to be us!"
So, here's the deal: in order to do Playmill as well as South Pacific this summer, I had to do some fancy switching around with my counterpart. So my days of performance are a little wonky. If you're planning to see the whole Welch clan (me-"Nellie", Landon-"Cable", Laila-"Ngana", & Uncle Rob-"Stewpot") the days to do that are:
April 24, 26
May 1, 3, 5, 8, 10, 12
(I'll also be doing April 28, May 2, & May 9-but the rest of the family is not)
Ultimately, if you're worried that you won't catch me, ask the box office when you call and they'll know what nights I'm there and not.
You can buy tickets by clicking here.
Or by calling 801-298-1302.

Oh, hey! And if you wanna hear me on the radio this week. I've been asked to do an interview with my costar Sean Bishop from Xanadu. Xanadu at Weber State won some national awards, so we've been asked to talk about them! Sweet! X96 on Friday at 3 PM.

mormon profile.

Guess what! I made a mormon.org profile. I've always been curious about what these are...and then we had a whole FHE on their significance and how to make one. They're pretty cool. Did you know that Mormons have actually been commanded to make one of these to help the missionaries out with their efforts? They're a wonderful missionary tool to help investigators know that we're just like everyone else. It's really inspiring to see mormons all over the world trying their best to be Christ-like in whatever they do. This is my favorite profile I've seen so far:
You can probably see why I like her. Played Elphaba in Wicked in Australia? RAD.

Anyway-I thought it was cool. You can see mine here
AND click here to make your own!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

the cap and gown.

Today Addi and I picked up our cap and gowns. It's for reallllll!!!! I can't believe it. Life is moving by so quickly! Spring has truly hit, and we've celebrated with an engagement and baby photo shoot!
We got all our grad announcements out today! Haha! We made a typo...we'll see if anyone notices...
And, of course, saw saw "Titanic" in 3D. Let me just say my heart will go on.
South Pacific rehearsals are going so very well! My husband is an artistic genius. The taunting thought of moving is hanging over us. Oh, and did I mention: we graduate in a week and a half? :)

Sunday, April 1, 2012

a day with the schwester.

Yesterday was such a wonderful break from the norm. I spent the day with my sister, Kirsten, and her family, just doing girl things and indulging in the things that we love. 
A little stuck...
Our Spiderman and Cinderella kites!
Watching "Gigi" with sweet Roman :) 
It wouldn't be a girls' night without ring pops!

What a refreshing day! I can't wait to live with my sister for a couple weeks in May. It's gonna be a party everyday!