Sunday, January 1, 2012

for auld lang syne.

happy 2012 all!
We started New Years Eve Day off with breakfast at Cracker Barrel.
After games with my family, we went to an after party at our Aunt Marci's.
The count-down.
2102...? Let's try that again...
New Years will forever remind me of Addi and I's second date. We were hanging out with a bunch of couples in Park City. When 12:00 came, we were surrounded by couples kissing...and Addison and I awkwardly...did...not. Haha! I was totally appalled that he didn't kiss me! In his defense, it was our second date-but still-it's New Years! He could totally have gotten away with it! Quite the gentleman. It's okay, we have plenty of New Years to make up for it. :) Love you sweetie!


Allen and Alexis McCracken said...

You guys are so cute! And I love that you do Christmas crackers too! Allen's family is from Canada so it's a big tradition with them and you get mocked if you don't wear your paper crown during ALL of dinner! Ha ha.

SamanthaZ said...

That is a funny, and awkward, story. You look like you had a blast at your party!