Thursday, December 1, 2011

storm's a comin!

today...was an odd day.
On my way to school today, here were some of my views.
All the signs like this were completely stripped.
This is the new student housing being built on campus...2 brick walls had toppled over. Can you see the one in the center that is half the size as the others?
Missing stoplight...
Oh, and a completely shattered door in the Browning Center.
Let's just say (to our utter joy) school was cancelled :)
Hope everyone was safe and sound!

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Mallory said...

Wow that is so insane!!! Its so sad to hear about all the damage the wind did! I am glad everyone was okay. It was so weird that day cause not a single breeze in Provo. P.s. You have such a cute blog xoxo