Monday, November 7, 2011

Well, what can I say? My life has been consumed by the world of Xanadu.  With 3 performance behind me and 12 to go, i can't wait to see what the next few weeks have in store. I have survived the weekend in spite of an allergic reaction to my eyeshadow (so if you see me, no, i am not high-my eyes are naturally red a puffy!), a bruise the size of my head on the back of my leg, knocking an entire cup full of pencils over during a dance number onstage, and falling during performance only once! 

Of course, life does not just stop for when you're in a show, this is something i've been working on mastering. Auditions for next semester are already underway! One today and one tomorrow. Thank heaven on Mondays we do not have a show. So in celebration of a night off, i plan on making a grilled salmon salad!...i am determined to like fish...i don't really know why.

I curse my mother for leaving me not to go on one vacation, but two. She is currently in Hawaii with my other sister. I love my beautiful strong grandmothers, two of which had hard weeks, one recovering from a heart attack and one diagnosed with cancer. I am so grateful for the power of priesthood and prayer. My grammas are two tough broads!

So, life goes on :)

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Si said...

Bre and Addison:
Your show was AMAZINGLY fun.
I laughed till I cried. And laughed some more.
Xanadu. Your version is now my favorite!
loves to two extremely talented people!