Wednesday, October 26, 2011

spooky punkins.

There's not much I enjoy more than an evening at home with my husband, working on something together. Monday night was one of those. We began the evening searching for the perfect pumpkins-we had to travel a round a bit. Addison made me spaghetti and garlic bread. Then we enjoyed some mint chocolate chip ice cream as we watched the sweeney todd Office episode-if you haven't seen it-look up "Andy's Play", also the murder mystery episode-they're streaming on netflix! While we did this we also sliced up some pumpkins...with style.
Our finished product turned out quite nice. Excuse the blurry phot. Add of course did his free hand...I cheated. To cheat with me-you can find awesome stencils here! Man...all I can say...Martha Stewart does Halloween right.
And of course, no pumpkin carving would be complete without a nice batch of pumpkin seeds. Success.

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TyandMar said...

You two are cute. The end. :)