Friday, October 28, 2011

one more week.

i cannot believe there is only a week to go before opening night.

i can't believe it! it's so weird to think that this rehearsal process is considered "long" in the theatre world. i've had some awesome growth in the past couple days, which makes me so excited just to make new discoveries and totally PLAY onstage. we had a rehearsal a week ago where we did major character work and talked about-why do this play? it's so completely silly, and pretty much everyone that i tell i am doing Xanadu to, kind of scoffs. but really? i think this is the most IMPORTANT kind of performance. it's one of those shows that lifts you up, is an escape, yet has a compelling message-one that I wish i could share with everyone everyday of my life. DO WHAT YOU LOVE. this whole show is a beacon of this message. we get to gain a relationship with the audience and share with them an "artistic experience" to "remind mankind that there is something greater than wealth or fame, and that is the human experience, rendered comprehensible through art." :) I can't wait to get an audience in there, see what people think and what people take away from this "silly" musical.

Go to this link to see the "Go!" sections' article on Xanadu!

Buy your tickets soon-there's only 90 seats available each performance-so they're going quick! There's a link on the left of my page to buy tickets ;)

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