Sunday, October 2, 2011

happy october!

The past week has been a hard one for Add and I.
With Romeo/Juliet looming closer and closer, our lives have become just a bit tighter.
(oh, btw-Addison is designing sound for this show, and it is brilliant. i'll be running the sound every night-if you'd like to come!)

But we did manage to have some sanity fun:
Grandpa Lyle's 80th birthday.
Raspberry trifle...mmmm nothing like it.. :)
 With the priesthood session of general conference last night, my niece, sister and I attended girls night at Taipan where I decided to help out the Halloween vibe to my house.
Spooky eyes! demonstrated below :)
AND, my niece and I had our traditional sleepover!
  Birds have been a big part of our house this week! Addison's preparing for an art show mid October, so we've been working on getting his stock up. 
I've been working on a project of my own!
 These are my own sculpting project that will hopefully turn into bird mobile's for children's rooms. I've been working on different combinations of colors and patterns and methods to place the clay.
 I've had some mishaps! I burnt this bird till it got boils! kind of turned out cool actually...?
Naomi had no problem jumping right in creating.
Her very own creation :)
It was interesting: Naomi told me this morning, while busily sculpting, that it was so cool we got to do this everyday. She said she never had time to just sit down and create (she's only 10!). It was a real reminder to me what a precious thing I have: a husband who inspires and helps bring out the art in me. Most of our nights consist of some kind of art project, which is all I grew up wanting to do. 
Just a thought.

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