Thursday, October 13, 2011

the big two-two.

so, this week it was my birthday! the celebration has been prolonged over several days, much to my delight. the hoopla began Saturday with our brother Money's first time through the temple :) it was so wonderful. i got some amazing gifts from addi's family (a blog book from our London adventures/a shadow box). the party continued on Sunday with our friends for a crepe party!
It's a heart!
then off to my parents house where we had punkin pie and soup with bread bowls-so delish!!
Roman even got all dressed up in a tie for my birthday!
So...long story short...this is a poopcake! brought to you by my sweet husband!

I love my birthday, it's so much better than any other holiday. Obviously...anything that revolves around food, I'm a fan of! thank you to all who made it special:
  • Addi for getting me my favorite cereal and candy bar-he made the whole day so special.
  • Shelby for getting me the gorgeous mustard yellow scarf.
  • all those who went to chile's/ihop/villiage inn late after R & J.
  • my families for the wonderful presents and parties.
  • Mylissa for the yummy lotion!
  • Jim who stopped rehearsal early in order to play a marvelous game of "werewolf"!
  • everyone who texted/facebooked/called their wishes!

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Jenna Cole said...

Oh man, that poopcake looks good enough to eat almost! Happy birthday Bre!