Monday, October 31, 2011

and a happy hallows eve to you too!

"I've put plastic on your chair, so feel free to wet yourself with excitement."- Sue Sylvester, GLEE
HA-we thought so too.
Happy Halloween all!

Friday, October 28, 2011

one more week.

i cannot believe there is only a week to go before opening night.

i can't believe it! it's so weird to think that this rehearsal process is considered "long" in the theatre world. i've had some awesome growth in the past couple days, which makes me so excited just to make new discoveries and totally PLAY onstage. we had a rehearsal a week ago where we did major character work and talked about-why do this play? it's so completely silly, and pretty much everyone that i tell i am doing Xanadu to, kind of scoffs. but really? i think this is the most IMPORTANT kind of performance. it's one of those shows that lifts you up, is an escape, yet has a compelling message-one that I wish i could share with everyone everyday of my life. DO WHAT YOU LOVE. this whole show is a beacon of this message. we get to gain a relationship with the audience and share with them an "artistic experience" to "remind mankind that there is something greater than wealth or fame, and that is the human experience, rendered comprehensible through art." :) I can't wait to get an audience in there, see what people think and what people take away from this "silly" musical.

Go to this link to see the "Go!" sections' article on Xanadu!

Buy your tickets soon-there's only 90 seats available each performance-so they're going quick! There's a link on the left of my page to buy tickets ;)

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

spooky punkins.

There's not much I enjoy more than an evening at home with my husband, working on something together. Monday night was one of those. We began the evening searching for the perfect pumpkins-we had to travel a round a bit. Addison made me spaghetti and garlic bread. Then we enjoyed some mint chocolate chip ice cream as we watched the sweeney todd Office episode-if you haven't seen it-look up "Andy's Play", also the murder mystery episode-they're streaming on netflix! While we did this we also sliced up some pumpkins...with style.
Our finished product turned out quite nice. Excuse the blurry phot. Add of course did his free hand...I cheated. To cheat with me-you can find awesome stencils here! Man...all I can say...Martha Stewart does Halloween right.
And of course, no pumpkin carving would be complete without a nice batch of pumpkin seeds. Success.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

a roller disco to remember.

Thursday was a blast-a few of our friends got together for some pizza, 80's roller skating, and an Alfred Hitchcock movie night. My highlight of the night was "Xanadu", "Suddenly", and "Magic" playing and all the of the Xanadu cast rushing the rink.
My besty Lizzzz!
Yay Xanadu friends!
Seanzy, and brother!
My 2 favorite guys!
I just love my friends :) Thank you everyone for coming!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011


You may find this blog post a bit...scattered? but, it actually just reflects my life right now. It's been a weird couple of weeks, you know when you're always just one step behind? Weekends are supposed to be the time to catch up and somehow I just don't quite seem to get there. SO here are some of my thoughts:
  • Memorizing is hard. especially when you're trying to memorize several different materials at once.
  • husbands are great, i recommend them to everyone. like when you're making a huge batch of caramel for relief society and you find out that after leaving it in the crockpot on low during burns...really bad. He has no problem (or maybe he does, he just doesn't say) unwrapping 5 bags full of caramels and throwing them into a new batch in under ten minutes!
  • Few people have actually dipped caramel apples before-i also recommend this to everyone-super cheap, messy, and delicious. 
  • Sometimes skipping class is necessary to help your stress level.
  • cereal is my best friend.
  • "Xanadu" is my soul-mate.
  • Giving interviews is awkward.
  • There's nothing like classic Halloween/suspense movies to get you in the spirit! (i recommend: "clue", "arsenic and old lace", "rear window", "dracula","evil under the sun", and of course "hocus pocus".)
  • it's not very fun when your mom is in Disneyworld AND Harry Potter World without you.
  • thank heaven for 3 day weekends.
  • different color apples in a basket look beautiful. different color leaves on the mountain look beautiful.
  • i love going to movies and eating as much movie-popcorn i can get my hands on.
  • pumpkin pie is my favorite kind of pie.
  • tomato basil soup is my new craze. i recommend Zupas', but i'm not picky.
  • "south pacific" is my favorite musical.
  • i wish hair grew faster.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

addi's art show!

Addison has an art show this weekend. See this for details! It's kind of a trial run on his art-what will sell, what's in demand, how should prices be set-we're both really new to this! But, because add's been so good at being patient with me and teaching me the the ropes of clay making...I decided to experiment with a little something myself:
Bird mobiles! Unfortunately (with school, rehearsal, and teching Romeo/Juilet at the the school this past week)-this is the only one I got completely finished and ready to go-several more are on their way! This one will be a test run guy to see what I can improve and if there's really a demand for them. Wish us luck!

the big two-two.

so, this week it was my birthday! the celebration has been prolonged over several days, much to my delight. the hoopla began Saturday with our brother Money's first time through the temple :) it was so wonderful. i got some amazing gifts from addi's family (a blog book from our London adventures/a shadow box). the party continued on Sunday with our friends for a crepe party!
It's a heart!
then off to my parents house where we had punkin pie and soup with bread bowls-so delish!!
Roman even got all dressed up in a tie for my birthday!
So...long story short...this is a poopcake! brought to you by my sweet husband!

I love my birthday, it's so much better than any other holiday. Obviously...anything that revolves around food, I'm a fan of! thank you to all who made it special:
  • Addi for getting me my favorite cereal and candy bar-he made the whole day so special.
  • Shelby for getting me the gorgeous mustard yellow scarf.
  • all those who went to chile's/ihop/villiage inn late after R & J.
  • my families for the wonderful presents and parties.
  • Mylissa for the yummy lotion!
  • Jim who stopped rehearsal early in order to play a marvelous game of "werewolf"!
  • everyone who texted/facebooked/called their wishes!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

happy october!

The past week has been a hard one for Add and I.
With Romeo/Juliet looming closer and closer, our lives have become just a bit tighter.
(oh, btw-Addison is designing sound for this show, and it is brilliant. i'll be running the sound every night-if you'd like to come!)

But we did manage to have some sanity fun:
Grandpa Lyle's 80th birthday.
Raspberry trifle...mmmm nothing like it.. :)
 With the priesthood session of general conference last night, my niece, sister and I attended girls night at Taipan where I decided to help out the Halloween vibe to my house.
Spooky eyes! demonstrated below :)
AND, my niece and I had our traditional sleepover!
  Birds have been a big part of our house this week! Addison's preparing for an art show mid October, so we've been working on getting his stock up. 
I've been working on a project of my own!
 These are my own sculpting project that will hopefully turn into bird mobile's for children's rooms. I've been working on different combinations of colors and patterns and methods to place the clay.
 I've had some mishaps! I burnt this bird till it got boils! kind of turned out cool actually...?
Naomi had no problem jumping right in creating.
Her very own creation :)
It was interesting: Naomi told me this morning, while busily sculpting, that it was so cool we got to do this everyday. She said she never had time to just sit down and create (she's only 10!). It was a real reminder to me what a precious thing I have: a husband who inspires and helps bring out the art in me. Most of our nights consist of some kind of art project, which is all I grew up wanting to do. 
Just a thought.