Monday, September 26, 2011

Gahhhhh. Okay, so you know how after you finish a dance, or a moving day, or a long run (that would be about .5 miles for me). And you sit down and let it all just settle and you can't even muster to change your face because it takes up just that last bit of energy you're clinging onto? 

This is how I feel...everyday. I finish a full 8:30 am-2:00 pm day in classes, hiking around campus. If I'm lucky-get to go home and grab a bite to eat, then from 3-6 I strap on the roller skates. I cannot explain the aura that comes onto me when I get home-but I am like a zombie! I cannot even get myself to move my feet into a more comfortable position! Ha! It feels great to know that I have squeezed all of my physical energy out for the day and I am well spent, I just wish all the homework would go away!

Xanadu is a blast. I go to rehearsal everyday, giddy, waiting to hear what I get to do next. I get butterflies thinking about rehearsal! How often does that happen?

Hopefully, my stamina will build, until then-lots of sleep! :)

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