Friday, September 23, 2011

happy (early) birthday to me.

For anyone who has ever done/read "the 5 love languages" I am a straight-up quality time girl. So my favorite gifts are excuses to be with YOU! (*hint,hint) Therefore, for my birthday this year, I asked my mother to go spend some quality time at lunch and a show. And while I am aware that my birthday isn't for a few mother says I can celebrate my birthday for at least 6 weeks :)

My show of choice? Mary Poppins at the Capitol Theatre. Never seen it before and heard it was pretty magical. The day started off with some lunch at Olive Garden:
YUM! Pastries from my mom. The box said: "A spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down."
Cream puff!
The throngs of kids and their parents entering the theatre.
Ahhh, the girls :) My mom, sister and i.
It was a fun fun show, we're so glad we got to see it.
Click here to see our favorite part! And go to about 5:13 minutes in. It was rad.


Jane Anne said...

We saw that on Broadway this summer! So good! But the dolls/toys were super creepy. Glad you can stretch out your birthday, I'm sure you deserve it. PS I'm loving the blonde.

Bailee McKenna said...

Hey, I'm a huge 'quality-time' girl too! :) We missed you in class. Jim even set a chair in the circle with your name on it :) tee hee. But we're glad you had fun at the show.

TyandMar said...

I saw it last week! It was so much fun! Glad you got a little girls night out!

Si said...

Bree, I saw this in London with my mom and Brookie. How fun you got to go with your fam! The pic of you and Addison-your kids are going to be adorable. Just sayin :D