Monday, September 26, 2011

Gahhhhh. Okay, so you know how after you finish a dance, or a moving day, or a long run (that would be about .5 miles for me). And you sit down and let it all just settle and you can't even muster to change your face because it takes up just that last bit of energy you're clinging onto? 

This is how I feel...everyday. I finish a full 8:30 am-2:00 pm day in classes, hiking around campus. If I'm lucky-get to go home and grab a bite to eat, then from 3-6 I strap on the roller skates. I cannot explain the aura that comes onto me when I get home-but I am like a zombie! I cannot even get myself to move my feet into a more comfortable position! Ha! It feels great to know that I have squeezed all of my physical energy out for the day and I am well spent, I just wish all the homework would go away!

Xanadu is a blast. I go to rehearsal everyday, giddy, waiting to hear what I get to do next. I get butterflies thinking about rehearsal! How often does that happen?

Hopefully, my stamina will build, until then-lots of sleep! :)

Friday, September 23, 2011

happy (early) birthday to me.

For anyone who has ever done/read "the 5 love languages" I am a straight-up quality time girl. So my favorite gifts are excuses to be with YOU! (*hint,hint) Therefore, for my birthday this year, I asked my mother to go spend some quality time at lunch and a show. And while I am aware that my birthday isn't for a few mother says I can celebrate my birthday for at least 6 weeks :)

My show of choice? Mary Poppins at the Capitol Theatre. Never seen it before and heard it was pretty magical. The day started off with some lunch at Olive Garden:
YUM! Pastries from my mom. The box said: "A spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down."
Cream puff!
The throngs of kids and their parents entering the theatre.
Ahhh, the girls :) My mom, sister and i.
It was a fun fun show, we're so glad we got to see it.
Click here to see our favorite part! And go to about 5:13 minutes in. It was rad.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

coming along.

So today, I had a break through. One that I hope will be re-occurring. While roller-skating today I got up my momentum, turned and started skating backwards. 
it. was. awesome.
When I first picked up skates-I was so panicked. There was no way I was roller skating a whole show.
Today-it's possible. 
I know I have a long ways to go yet-but half the battle is just getting comfortable.
It was the first time totally enjoyed myself! I am way sore and worn out-and I love it!

On another note: SO I don't know how all of our family got together and coordinated that all of the Sunday activities (blessings, homecomings, singing in church) were going to be in the same few weeks. Long story short: we haven't been to our ward in a while since we moved in.

So what happens right after our workout intensive roller-skating rehearsal today? (when Addison kind of looks like a hobo in fluorescent swim trunks, with a completely different color fluorescent t-shirt on, with his poof poof hair, and I am in a sports bra, tank-top, pig-tails, and skin tight leggings?) 
Um, the ward missionaries drop by seeking out a reason why we are inactive.
We looked pretty guilty.

Oh, well. We quickly explained that we'd just been working out and that we had in fact been going to church...just not to our ward for a while. 
:) oh, irony.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

lost, lost.

So this week we made our second huge purchase as a couple. And while I am completely aware that I have lost my husband to it...I can't help but be excited.

Drumroll please.

I feel like this is going to be my life for a while...
Me? I'm a PC kinda girl-but this baby's a beaut.
Addison is as giddy as a schoolboy and that's good enough for me!

Thursday, September 8, 2011


Some things that make me happy right now:
Swiss Days in Midway was this weekend. I was truly giddy. This event is a creative minds' playground. Amazing scones, local creativity, a day with the husby. 
I had my first skating lesson this week.
Can I just say rollerblading is SO MUCH EASIER!!
My sisters' epic find of these "Potter"-themed vintage travel posters. Brilliant. 
Artwork by Caroline Hadilaksono.
See more here.

School has been pretty good this semester-getting into Xanadu this week has really helped brighten me up.
But it's almost the weekend!