Sunday, August 7, 2011

post 101.

This post commemorates my #101 post!
I love pictures. and if there's anything I love more than pictures, it's collages.
I had sort of fun idea whilst across the pond in London.
I was passing hundreds of gift shops, book stores, etc. and they always had amazing artwork on postcards.
postcards=super cheap/don't take up much space=love.
So I decided to make a collage of my collected London postcards. It's taken a while to figure out, and I just barely finished putting it up. Now it may not look like much, but I can tell you what every card is from.
Some from the British Library
some from Kew Gardens,
some from my beloved National Theatre.
It was the perfect way to remember our adventures.

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Melwel said...

Love the picture collage. I think you need a big "&" somewhere in it as well... I will look for you.