Wednesday, August 31, 2011

a shower for ula.

A couple weeks ago we had the first gathering at our little home. My friend Liz and I hosted a baby shower for our good friend Mickey. Mickey and her husband, Alex, are having their first baby! We're so excited for them, and are anxiously waiting to hear any news of Mickey going into labor. Here are some pictures of the event:
The "after party"
 We had a blast.
None of it could have been accomplished without Jill, Liz, Addison, or Landon. Thank you :)
Congratulations Mickey-we hope we get to meet that sweet baby girl soon!

huzzah: XANADU.

So guess what...Addison and I are in XANADU!! We both made the show and are so ecstatic. Addison will play the God "Hermes", and I got the part of "Kira"! 

Call backs were Friday, and we both felt like we did everything we could've. There's nothing worse than leaving a callback, knowing you could have done more. But we felt very fulfilled. So basically I'm going to be on roller skates embodying Olivia Newton-John for the next three months. We are so excited to be stellar roller skaters, play wicked awesome comedy, learn an Australian accent, and sing our guts out. 

The show will be playing at Weber State University November 4-19 
in the Eccles Theatre in the Browning Center. Call 801.626.8500 for tickets!
We couldn't be more grateful.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

the update.

This week of stress is finally over! We've spent all Saturday blissfully doing nothing! (except for seeing "Planet of the Apes"-which was so-so) After hours of auditions, we are proud to say: we made callbacks!

The two shows this fall are Romeo & Juliet and Xanadu. For those of you who don't know what the musical Xanadu is: "Xanadu" the movie musical with Olivia Newton John has been voted by the academy as the worst movie ever made...since it was made. Xanadu the Musical is a spoof on the movie. Let's just say it's hilarious.
Addison was called back for R & J and for Xanadu and I was called back for Xanadu on Friday. We had a blast reading parts from the show, singing, and dancing like 80's fools!  Keep your fingers crossed-cast lists go up Monday. 
We'll keep you posted!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

here we go again.

Well, what can I say? It's been Add and i's last first week of school. This time around has been different than anytime before. I'm more...focused on what I want from this last chance, more settled, I wouldn't say more nervous...but there's a different kind of nervousness there. In this major (musical theatre), I think, more than many majors I know of, you really decide how much you want to grow. You decide how much you're going to open up, be willing to learn and try something new EVERY DAY OF CLASS. I have very few sit down, write notes, lecture classes. Most every class of mine requires preparation everyday to perform something new in front of all your peers the next. In the most incredible class ever-Acting for Musical Theatre, by the first 15 minutes I had a red rash looking thing forming on my chest from all the blood rising to my head! I'd forgotten over the summer how much guts this takes every single day. 

Auditions also began yesterday-three days into the semester! Poor freshman...Addison and I felt pretty good about our singing audition-we'll see how dancing, skating, and monologue-ing go today. Pray for us!

I think one of the scariest things I get asked-especially now so close to graduation is-"oh...musical theatre? that sounds fun...and what are you going to do with that?" I think I've figured out my most generic answer possible, so as not to get totally bugged: "Well, we'd like to perform for as long as possible...and then who knows? Our ultimate goal is to open up our own theatre in Utah." Hmmm...vague enough?? It's supposed to be! One thing I love about the arts-that has always clicked with me, unlike math or science, is that there is never one right answer. That's the reason I chose my major! Because I wouldn't be stuck in the same job for the rest of my life-it would always be changing-hopefully progressing. That I could be wherever the Lord wants me for whatever amount of time and develop all different kinds of skills. The possibilities are endless: working on cruise ships, Disneyworld/land, summer stock, NYC, Chicago, London, LA, dinner theatre (we just watched "Connie and Carla" last night-I had to add it!), teaching, private instructor, director, choreographer, music director, movies, tv shows, live theatre. I probably will not get to do 1/2 of these things in my lifetime-but if I get to do one-that makes my major worth it to me. 

Our goal is to stay prayerful as we always have about every opportunity and see where the Lord takes us. What else could anyone else ask for?

Saturday, August 13, 2011

20 birds.

Today was a victory for the Welch family.
Addison has been working so very hard to have some art ready for a bird boutique opening in Bountiful this month.
In December I told him I wanted some birds as toppers for our wedding cake-and of course he produced the perfect creations.
A friend from our wedding recently asked about them and selling them in her new shop!
So here goes out our first little experiment in the business world.
Cross your fingers.
In other news-I had a complete kitchen victory today.
Barbeque chicken pizza.
It was delicious!
Recipe compliments of my sister, Mylissa :)
Preheat the oven to: 400°

Buy a ‘Bobboli’ already made pizza crust, or a pilsbury roll out crust.

·         2 cups of diced chicken
·         ½ large purple onion, diced
·         2 plum sized tomato, sliced
·         4 slices of bacon, cooked
·         2 cloves garlic, chopped
·         ½ cup ‘Sweet Baby Ray’ bbq sauce
·         1 Cup Cheddar/ Monterey Jack Cheese, “cheddar jack” (or my personal favorite, mozzarella)
·         1 tsp parsley

In a skillet put diced onions, chopped garlic, and bacon pieces. Stir in bbq sauce, seasoning and chicken. (10-12 minutes) Spread the mix on top of the pizza crust. Arrange cheese, sliced tomatoes, and parsley on top. Bake for 10-15 minutes.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

playing hookie.

Today was a happy day all day long.
Addison and I slept till 10.
I had a lovely visit with my grandma.
I went to "the Help" with all the girls.
I can't stop thinking about this movie. I can't wait to read the book! The perfect girls date. It was just incredible, I can't recommend it enough. In fact, Addison has already asked me on a date to see it tomorrow night.
 I met Addison for swim lessons with Harry-he's such a little fish! :)
 Then Add and I had a date. Right down from the street from us is a Farr's Ice Cream let's just say we may be making a nightly habit out of this date.
 This one is for my husband.
 This one's for Gramma Sheri :)
On another note-Addison made two sales! Haha, I can't get over these two witches. Sadly, they're not gracing our home anymore :(
 Christmas is the next event to plan for:
Addison has a sense of humor.
Ahh what a good day.

Monday, August 8, 2011


1. I'm thankful for my husband's artistic abilities. It's been different trying to make his art work for him as a paying job. But this summer has been the perfect time. He is such a hard worker. His art is truly incredible-I am just in awe of him everyday.

2. For hair that grows fast. I actually got my hair into pigtails over the weekend, what a milestone! I'm thinking platinum blonde is the next step haha :)

3. For a new place. I never realized till this past week how settling it is to have your own place. Not just settling in your stuff-but I mean that it settles your stomach in a way. There's something about finally being able to give and provide as opposed to always taking. I feel like when you live with someone (like how I've been for the past few years) you constantly feel in debt, even if that's not the case. But to finally have people over and be able to offer them something instead, is an amazing feeling. In just one short week it really has become home.

4. For a new baby in the family. What a sweet new nephew we have. I think babies always bring everyone back to humanity. They're wonderful reminders of how sweet and lovely life can be.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

post 101.

This post commemorates my #101 post!
I love pictures. and if there's anything I love more than pictures, it's collages.
I had sort of fun idea whilst across the pond in London.
I was passing hundreds of gift shops, book stores, etc. and they always had amazing artwork on postcards.
postcards=super cheap/don't take up much space=love.
So I decided to make a collage of my collected London postcards. It's taken a while to figure out, and I just barely finished putting it up. Now it may not look like much, but I can tell you what every card is from.
Some from the British Library
some from Kew Gardens,
some from my beloved National Theatre.
It was the perfect way to remember our adventures.