Monday, July 25, 2011

what can I say? It's been a crazy July. After a lovely and relaxing week in Bear Lake I went back to work for 2 days and bam, was right back on the road again. We did a special trip to West Yellowstone where Add had spent a very memorable summer a couple years ago working for the Playmill Theatre. We saw a couple shows, saw Old Faithful, and made good use of the rad water slide at our hotel. Upon returning I've spent a few days in Heber with my mom and dad.

There's something about Heber. I grew up in Park City, but my parents moved here the summer I graduated. I've spent a few Christmases and one summer here and I love it. Nothing beats taking a summer walk at dusk here and just getting away from the hustle & bustle. 

When we moved from my childhood home to Heber I packed up my boxes and then packed a bag to take to my summer semester at BYU Hawaii. Some of those boxes had remained packed...until yesterday. Let me tell you, saying it was a trip down memory lane would be an understatement. You might say I was a borderline hoarder. I used to collect everything! From keys, to Olymipic buttons, to newspaper clippings about anything Harry Potter. It was so odd, yet so fulfilling to de-clutter. 

Very bittersweet to be moving into a new place. So exciting to have our own space and be so close to school! Harder to be away from Grandparents. Love getting to take my stuff to create a new space, hard to take it away from mom & dad's and know for sure you don't have a room here anymore. Ha, I guess everyone goes through this after marriage, and it's not like I'd approve of the alternative to leave it here and try to hold on to my childhood! But it's just a weird stage. So much reflection on who you used to be and what parts of childhood you want to take with you and pass on. (I did leave a few things here on purpose...shhhh! I was never the best at the whole "ripping-the-bandaid" off thing.)

a couple pictures i love:
Old Faithful.
Gramma & Grampa/bear lake.
On the road.
Bee's game.

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