Sunday, July 10, 2011

july adventures.

When I first started blogging, I made myself a promise that sitting down to blog would never take away from experiencing something better in that moment.
Well that came into play majorly these past couple weeks. We've been having the perfect July filled with family, fireworks, reunions, lakes, barbeques, cabins, baby SHOWERS, niblings, games, swimming, and lots of driving.
Here are some pics of the last weeks:
Sister, Kirsten's shower; she's got about 1 month left! It's been showers galore and VERY swollen feet.
 The Briggs' Family Reunion!
We started off with a bang, floating down the Provo River and a bbq.
The next morning we started off with a warm-up hike to the "giant's mables" (aka: "giant's marcols" as my nephew Harry calls them). It's a hike up in Midway where a glacier has brought TONS of enormous rocks down the mountain and it looks like a giant is playing marbles.
Next up, we played the EPIC Amazing Race: Heber Edition. 
The first leg of the race started with minute-to-win-it games. The challenge? Slide an Oreo cookie down your face and into your mouth. Hilarious.
 We ran a team 5K.
Even Harry wanted to run!
The best part of the race was stopping at the Midway Creamery.
Top of Memorial Hill in Midway.
Our last stop was at the Holiday Lanes bowling alley, where our mission was to eat a burger and fries. Perfect.
Yeah, my nephew has a mullet.
My mom with Phyllis, the millionaire owner of the bowling alley.
Back at the cabin. Lucy and grammpa.
We had a lovely weekend, and the party hasn't stopped since! 
So on top of work, reunions, sculpting, plasma donating, car detailing...we are also slowly moving into our apartment in Ogden, and probably getting way too into decorating and playing house.
What an exciting time :)


TyandMar said...

Wootwoot is right! Nicely done. I felt like I was re-enacting the entire thing! Good job on picture taking. I'm sad we forgot our camera!! I just have a few pics off of Ty's phone. :( Not cool. Anyways, can't wait to see your new little home! Have fun in Bear Lake!

Shelby Gene said...

did you cut your yellow pants?!