Sunday, June 5, 2011


Well you may have been wondering where we've been the last couple days! We have been visiting Shakespeare's birthplace, seeing castles, watching the Royal Shakespeare Company, paddling rowboats on the Avon, shopping, and getting worn out.
Coventry Cathedral.
Kenilworth Castle.
My knight, scaling the tower.
We got to Mary Arden's Farm and found a "Woodland Walk". 
Addi and I found this to be a perfect moment to reenact "The Proposal".
At Mary Arden's Farm. They had far too many bugs and I was tired of them flying in my I came up with a solution!
Getting lost in the maze.
The Falconer had a white barn owl fly over our heads while we were holding hands-twice. He later told us that this was to bless us with many many children. Guess what our Christmas tree ornament was to remember Stratford by? That's right, a fertility owl.
Our fertility owl friend.

Poppies have become our favorite flower here. They're so bright and they practically grow like weeds here!
Carli and I.
Our cute purple-themed bed and breakfast room.
My first fish and chips! YUM
Addison's ale pie.
The birthplace.
Carli and Meisha are our besties.
 Rowing the boat on the Avon.
Blenheim Palace grounds.
The Harry Potter stairs at Christs Church in Oxford.
The Great Hall inspiration.
Can you find the Alice in Wonderland characters?

We had a wonderful trip to Stratford. We loved getting away from the city, but were so excited to live out our last week with vigor! We got back exhausted, and watched "Willow" until we fell asleep :)

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