Thursday, June 9, 2011

no place like london.

Our time in London is growing short.
Finals are over! and these past couple days have been ours to wrap everything up.
In about 10 hours we will be heading to the airport and who knows when we will ever be back to this side of the world again.
It is so bittersweet to think that we have only one more night in our little basement flat. (this could slightly be because we have a king sized bed waiting for us at Gma Sheri's :)

The past few days have been very sweet though. We've been running around checking things off our list and buying gifts and souvenirs, but mostly just soaking up every moment and reflecting on what we've learned here.
Hyde Park has definitely become a favorite for us. It's absolutely gorgeous and we're right next door to it! So we spent our last good weather day in here-practically for hours!
These "cycles" are for hire everywhere in London! They have these stations all set up and you can rent them and drop them off at any station you like! Like redbox...but for bikes. So we rode in Hyde Park-it was joyous.
Finishing up some shopping today at "Pradamark".
So we just saw Pygmalion and have bee watching My Fair this is me being Eliza Doolittle, with violets in hand.
Borough market, picking up gifts.
We finally rode the London Eye. I couldn't have said that I've been to London twice for long periods of time without ever seeing the city from this view. It was beautiful.
We had our last dinner out at Hard Rock Cafe.
And we FINALLY saw all 30 shows we wanted to see. Here are all of our tickets, displayed on a bulletin board in our room. (Addison just finished taking them all down.)
We ended off with "Lend Me a Tenor"-the musical. Newly adapted to a musical and it was brilliant. We laughed so hard. We were so glad we ended on such a good note-I can hardly wait to get my hands on a soundtrack!
goodbye toilet.
goodbye bed.
goodbye closet.
What an epic adventure. We truly are blessed.
We love London!

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