Wednesday, June 22, 2011

new apartment!

This morning Addison and I finalized the arrangements for our first apartment together. It really is such a steal and we're so excited. We can't wait to be so close to school. I've been commuting to school for far too long. We really could walk to school! It will be so nice to have people over and feel a little bit more established. 

Oh yeah, and one more thing: it's underneath a paper shredding company! haha-we'll have stories to tell the kids! we have one scary hallway.
Washer/Dryer will be there soon!
Any furniture you want to get rid of? Now you know who wants it!


Melwel said...

You are going to need skinny furniture to make it down the stairs and turn that corner. Good luck with that-- but it is exciting.

Ian said...

We have an old TV, its not very big, maybe 32 inches. If you want it its yours! I like the bathroom, it looks really nice! This is Sam, by the way, not Ian