Sunday, June 5, 2011

a birthday celebration for husband!

The day started off with breakfast in bed and a birthday card. After a wonderful jaunt through Kent, we were truly ready to celebrate Addisons' Birthday in our own way!
We went out to dinner at an American favorite, TGI Fridays, where we knew they'd know how to celebrate.

We finished the day off with a different kind of show...
We saw "Pirates of the Carribean" with the true London experience. There was a curtain over the screen, with twinkle lights everywhere, and we were shown to our seats by a man with a flashlight. We loved it.
I think the day was a success. I made Addison a Cadbury chocolate cake, but we were so full we couldn't eat it! So we saved it and ate it yesterday-still sooooo good.
I love this guy.
I mean, who could resist guns like this?

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Melwel said...

this just makes me smile. I loved hearing the accents in the b day song.