Wednesday, June 29, 2011

this is how we spend our nights.

It was fhe on Monday, and Addi asked me if I could help him with his art.
What a privilege.
and the perfect family activity. 
We had a blast :)
This is Add's little elf-i got to paint the base.
Gotta love such a talented man :)

Friday, June 24, 2011

happy friday.

We're off to Lagoon today!
Hope all of your weekends are wonderful!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

new apartment!

This morning Addison and I finalized the arrangements for our first apartment together. It really is such a steal and we're so excited. We can't wait to be so close to school. I've been commuting to school for far too long. We really could walk to school! It will be so nice to have people over and feel a little bit more established. 

Oh yeah, and one more thing: it's underneath a paper shredding company! haha-we'll have stories to tell the kids! we have one scary hallway.
Washer/Dryer will be there soon!
Any furniture you want to get rid of? Now you know who wants it!

Monday, June 20, 2011

full circle.

the rumors are true-I am blonde again.
I have to say, I definitely have mixed feelings.
sometimes I like it.
sometimes I feel like I've lost my Audrey Hepburn charm...
but, all in all-i have to remember this is a middle stage to a more legit blonde. so it's all good! 
fun for summer!
(don't mind the devilishly delicious bbq pork hot dog.)

Sunday, June 19, 2011

the papas in our life.

We are so grateful for the fathers in our life. For anyone who's had two cars breakdown on the same day, we know that these men are honestly life-savers. Fathers-thank you for all the talks, the car help, the jobs, the basement apartment, the advice, and the hugs. What incredible examples, priesthood holders, and care givers. We truly couldn't do it without you. Happy Fathers' Day!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

                                                      "enjoy the little things,
                                                      for one day you may look back 
                                                      and realize they were the big things"
                                                      robert brault
we had dinner outside on the porch tonight :)

Sunday, June 12, 2011

it's otterpop season!

Well we arrived safely home after 23 hours of straight
We miss London, but it's good to be home. It's good to know that a dollar really is worth a dollar and doesn't need to be translated into pounds, that when you order a water it comes with LOTS of ice, and that we can drive to a grocery store and not have to walk blocks and blocks with groceries back to our flat. 
These are just a few of the things I am so grateful for in America.

I dunno what it is about summer, but I just get rejuvenated by it. 
Add and I were at the grocery store yesterday and got giddy at the sight of s'more making materials, peaches, but most of all Otterpops!
Here are some things I can't wait to do this summer:
  1. Lagoon
  2. Bear Lake with the Welches
  3. Briggs Heber Cabin family reunion
  4. Bees game with the Welches
  5. West Yellowstone trip
  6. seeing Dirty Rotten Scoundrels
  7. Naomi/Laila sleepovers
  8. moving into an apartment closer to school (finally getting to open/use wedding presents!)
  9. Shakespeare festival
  10. roller skating
  11. Spice Girls night (mickey/liz :)
  12. registering for classes...i still need to do this...
  13. going to all the Utah temples
  14. working on a scrapbook for London
  15. swimming
  16. July birthdays! (both mommas, Landy, Davey)
  17. buying a sewing machine to make all my dresses/skirts garment wearable
  18. saving up for a Mac desktop...yikes!
  19. singing everyday
  20. many double dates with loved ones i need to catch up with!
  21. going carping (car camping)
  22. Evans family reunion (lava hot springs)
  23. drive in movies
  24. Swiss days in Midway
  25. going to the State Fair

Thursday, June 9, 2011

no place like london.

Our time in London is growing short.
Finals are over! and these past couple days have been ours to wrap everything up.
In about 10 hours we will be heading to the airport and who knows when we will ever be back to this side of the world again.
It is so bittersweet to think that we have only one more night in our little basement flat. (this could slightly be because we have a king sized bed waiting for us at Gma Sheri's :)

The past few days have been very sweet though. We've been running around checking things off our list and buying gifts and souvenirs, but mostly just soaking up every moment and reflecting on what we've learned here.
Hyde Park has definitely become a favorite for us. It's absolutely gorgeous and we're right next door to it! So we spent our last good weather day in here-practically for hours!
These "cycles" are for hire everywhere in London! They have these stations all set up and you can rent them and drop them off at any station you like! Like redbox...but for bikes. So we rode in Hyde Park-it was joyous.
Finishing up some shopping today at "Pradamark".
So we just saw Pygmalion and have bee watching My Fair this is me being Eliza Doolittle, with violets in hand.
Borough market, picking up gifts.
We finally rode the London Eye. I couldn't have said that I've been to London twice for long periods of time without ever seeing the city from this view. It was beautiful.
We had our last dinner out at Hard Rock Cafe.
And we FINALLY saw all 30 shows we wanted to see. Here are all of our tickets, displayed on a bulletin board in our room. (Addison just finished taking them all down.)
We ended off with "Lend Me a Tenor"-the musical. Newly adapted to a musical and it was brilliant. We laughed so hard. We were so glad we ended on such a good note-I can hardly wait to get my hands on a soundtrack!
goodbye toilet.
goodbye bed.
goodbye closet.
What an epic adventure. We truly are blessed.
We love London!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

what's on your bucket list?

Addison will be the first person to tell you that I am a big fan of lists. I dunno what it is but the second I get a list out of my mind and on to paper I am able to function again. I believe that non-list makers are the victims to thousands of lost thoughts a day. With all this list-making you would have thought I'd have a bucket list by now.
I don't.
But this week, on the tube, I decided to change that. I've only just begun so my list is a little meager but I can't wait to see what it becomes!
Bre's very own bucket list:
  1. see the Rockettes live.
  2. skydive in Hawaii.
  3. make the perfect souffle'.
  4. learn how to make quiche.
  5. get certified to scuba dive.
  6. scuba dive the Great Barrier Reef.
  7. graduate from college.
  8. own a theatre in Utah.
  9. go to Greece.
  10. go to the Lake District.
  11. visit Anne of Green Gables country.
  12. go on a Disney cruise.
  13. go to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter.
  14. go to Disneyworld...yeah i've never been.
  15. go to all 50 states.
  16. see Italy (especially Venice/Rome).
  17. live to see all of my children in the temple. 
  18. drive the entirety of route 66.
  19. see the Northern Lights (preferably on an Alaskan cruise.)
What's on your bucket lists?

Monday, June 6, 2011


So to avoid any embarrassment/confusion the next time you journey across the pond, Addison and I have compiled a list of must-know words of survival. Here is your official (and probably incomplete) American to British dictionary:

  • restroom or bathroom/toilet or loo
  • elevator/lift
  • line/cue
  • subway/tube
  • sucker/lolli
  • exit/way out
  • gas/petrol
  • candy/sweeties
  • composer/songmaker
  • intermission/interval
  • parking lot/car park
  • sidewalk/pavement
  • cookie/biscuit
  • chips/crisps
  • fries/chips
  • make out/snog
Please feel free to make any additions!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

the last saturday.

Seeing as yesterday was our last Saturday in London we felt we needed to milk it for all it was worth.
We woke up early in the morning and walked Hyde Park, it was a blissful way to begin the day!
These old men were swimming in the Serpentine...gross...and changing out of their speedos willy nilly...grosser.
We then continued on a wild goose chase for tickets! We were successful. We saw two shows in one day. Awesome.

We started off with a matinee of "Love Never Dies"-the story of Phantom of the Opera continued 10 years later in Coney Island, New York.

I have to say, I was far more impressed than I thought I'd be. The story was a bit forced, and some of the music was forgettable, but it had many more redeeming qualities. There were a couple gorgeous numbers with some very talented people. Unfortunately, Sierra Boggess (the original cast, also original Ariel in Little Mermaid) has just barely left the cast. The original Phantom was there, and he was incredible. The visuals were jaw-dropping at times. They used stylized projections with scrims for much of the overall environment and some bold and dramatic set pieces that were innovative and beautiful.
Could the writing have been better? Yes.
Were the performances perfect? No.
Did it exceed expectation? Yes!
To see more footage click here.

We finished off the day with "Spamalot"! I've been wanting to see this for ages and it's the perfect show to see in London! We had a blast. It was a LONG way away, but worth it. That type of humor gets a little tiring after a while so it was nice that it was only 2 hours, with a 20 minute interval! Definitely worth it.

That's it for now! We'll be home Friday-crazy.


Well you may have been wondering where we've been the last couple days! We have been visiting Shakespeare's birthplace, seeing castles, watching the Royal Shakespeare Company, paddling rowboats on the Avon, shopping, and getting worn out.
Coventry Cathedral.
Kenilworth Castle.
My knight, scaling the tower.
We got to Mary Arden's Farm and found a "Woodland Walk". 
Addi and I found this to be a perfect moment to reenact "The Proposal".
At Mary Arden's Farm. They had far too many bugs and I was tired of them flying in my I came up with a solution!
Getting lost in the maze.
The Falconer had a white barn owl fly over our heads while we were holding hands-twice. He later told us that this was to bless us with many many children. Guess what our Christmas tree ornament was to remember Stratford by? That's right, a fertility owl.
Our fertility owl friend.

Poppies have become our favorite flower here. They're so bright and they practically grow like weeds here!
Carli and I.
Our cute purple-themed bed and breakfast room.
My first fish and chips! YUM
Addison's ale pie.
The birthplace.
Carli and Meisha are our besties.
 Rowing the boat on the Avon.
Blenheim Palace grounds.
The Harry Potter stairs at Christs Church in Oxford.
The Great Hall inspiration.
Can you find the Alice in Wonderland characters?

We had a wonderful trip to Stratford. We loved getting away from the city, but were so excited to live out our last week with vigor! We got back exhausted, and watched "Willow" until we fell asleep :)