Sunday, May 22, 2011

wholly susponsified.

Grandpa Lyle has a saying for whenever he's had a really good meal. He says, "I'm sufficiently susponsified, any more would be superfluous." Thinking back on this week in Scotland, Addison and I found that we had come back wholly "susponsified". Not only does this apply in the food department, (as we were extremely well fed) but we came back overflowing with love and the spirit. It will be a little difficult to explain how touching and sweet our experiences were this week, but I can say that Addison and I will never be the same.

We had the opportunity to stay with some family friends in Ayr, and we left being able to call them family. To say that we were spoiled rotten by George and Eileen would be a gross understatement. Never have Addison and I experienced such incredible generosity! They picked us up at the hotel every morning, eager to show us all the sights. We had marvelous conversations as we drove miles and miles in the car and over some incredible meals. We saw the highlights of Scotland through the locals eyes. Yet, George and Eileen knew that the most valuable experiences we could take home with us were with the faithful and courageous people of Scotland. Every night we had dinner plans with family, bishops, and close friends of George and Eileen. It was such an incredible time!

So this is day 1: Setting off for the airport, we had one miracle after another, and made it to the airport almost 3 hours early, instead of 10 minutes late (which was originally how it was going to work out.)
We're good little traveling buddies.
Some sweeties for the plane ride!
 We had a quieter evening, as we ate dinner from the best chef in Scotland (Eileen). I got to meet her lovely daughter Karen, and her fiance Liam. We took a walk with Eileen and Karen's twin puppies Bailey and Brady.
We got to use their phone to call our mom's and let them know that we were there safe! Hurray!

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