Thursday, May 5, 2011

westminster undercover.

It has been a week since the Royal Wedding tomorrow. As we learned that they kept the wedding decorations up at Westminster Abbey for a week, we just had to go! 
So as no photography is allowed in the abbey...I dunno what you're talking about...
The trees were still all up along the isle!
Kate's bouquet was on the grave of the "unknown soldier". (Landon, I know you're so jealous right now). It was small and wilted, and you could now see all the wire in it that kept the flowers in place. Very cool.
We lit a candle here and said a prayer. There are two prayers you can pick from-one for Will/Kate, and one for hope in marriage. We chose the marriage one...hope that wasn't selfish...
This lady totally knew we were sneaking pictures!
The abbey was wonderful. We went to the museum after and saw the coronation orb, crown, and scepter (which had one of the world's largest diamonds at the head of it!).
Afterwords we bought a Will/Kate Christmas ornament, as is now tradition for Add and I when on vacation!
We saw "Little Eagles" tonight. A show about the engineer behind all of Russia's first travels to outerspace. Very thought provoking, awesome lighting, intense acting. Stamp of approval.
PS-like my new jacket? Add's new pants?

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Jane Anne said...

We have that same ornament tradition! It is great :) Looks like you are having a lot of fun!