Monday, May 16, 2011

a very merry un-birthday to you.

We had a lovely Birth-tea party today in Hyde Park! And since it is Addi's birthday in a few weeks, (May 31st)  it was for him! Something that's been really cool about this group we're here with, is there's a great sense of community. We do a lot more with the group than we did in my '09 trip-which I was really not looking forward to, but I've grown to appreciate the bonding it's allowed us to have. This really is an awesome group we're with.
 Walking to Hyde Park. (notice my bubblegum pink tights for a story later.)
We have our travel week this week! So they had the idea that in order to get rid of our food that would go bad while we're gone, why not use it at our party? YUM.
 Birthday boy.
 All the people who have birthday's while we're here!
Our second tea experience was a good one! I think it's growing on, Add and I probably used 1/2 the bag of sugar.
Afterwards, we went to Harrod's, an insane high-end store.
But the best part of my day was this:
I nicknamed this the "Chocolate Comb-over".
(While trying to say the chocolate coma and hangover and the same time-this is how it came out, and I rather like it.) This is a vanilla/hazelnut gelato sundae. it. was. so. good.
As we walked back from Harrod's, a little English girl, riding her scooter on the sidewalk stopped dead in her tracks, pointed to my legs and shouted, "She's wearing pink lady tights!" I started giggling and told her that I absolutely did and her mom took her hand, embarrassed, and pulled her away. I hope that little girl convinces her mom to get her some "pink lady tights" of her own :)
We just got out of "The Cherry Orchard". Oh, how I hate that show. BUT we did get to see some cool people perform!
The main lady was:
(Madame Hooch! From Harry Potter!)
And one of the supporting ladies:
(Charlotte from Pride and Prejudice!)
We're off to Scotland tomorrow, so no more blogs till maybe Saturday!
Wish us luck!

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aubrey said...

Bree dear! It looks like you are having a wonderful time. I am slightly jealous! haha
But qeustion, how do you know Carli Schneider? She is in a picture with you and she is like on of my best friends. Just curious.