Sunday, May 22, 2011

scotland: redefining the color green.

The first thing Addison said about Scotland after arriving is, "woah, well this redefines the color green." And he was so right! Here are some pictures of day 2 in Scotland:
 At Calzean castle (pronounced: Cul-ane).
 Eileen, me, and George.
 Eileen, me, and Add.
 George and Addison.
The gardens at the castle.
 Playing with Bailey in the car :)
 Castle ruins in Ayr.
So, in Scotland, Robert Burns is a BIG deal. (i didn't know who this was...) But he was a poet who wrote the lyrics to "Auld Lang Sign"! Children memorize his poems in schools, there are museums everywhere about him, and if you don't know his story of "Tam O' Shanter", you're hopeless.
 His birthplace. Addison at the Robert Burns museum cafe'.
 "Brig O' Doon" (Brigadoon), where Tam O' Shanter's horse got his tail pulled off by a witch!
 Beautiful coastline in Ayr.
Our beautiful hotel room! We crashed every night!
A Scottish friendship cup from George. It says "a hundred thousand welcomes". Our traditional tree ornament from Scotland!
What a happy day!


Bailee said...

hahaha Addison blends right in with his green hoodie! How festive. :)

You both are so lucky! It looks beautiful (and so much fun!) :)

Jane Anne said...

So green and gorgeous! Looks so fun!!

Also I will be in Utah all of June, but I don't think you'll be back yet will you??

bountiful quilter said...
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TyandMar said...

My my. What fun. Who are these family friends that you randomly have in Scotland?! Addi's family? So convenient to have them there! Looks beautiful.

dave + kirst said...

it looks so beautiful! loooove the green, and the castles, and the way that things are pronounced ;)

tried to skyp you yesterday from mom's and you weren't around :( but i made a wonderful strawberry creamcheese pie you missed out on!