Saturday, May 28, 2011

scotland, final chapter.

Our last day in Scotland started off with a bang.
 Bishop Gilardy offered to show us around his new bakery. We found deliciousness all around! 
 We had the most wonderful talk with this inspirational man. I've never met someone so driven by faith and guided by the spirit. We will always treasure those moments we got to bask in his light. We got to hear his incredible conversion story, and even got some marriage counseling. He is truly a spiritual giant! He even gave us some parting gifts! Slabs of delectable cakes, two loaves (the size of your head) of fresh bread, olive oil from Italy, and scottish pies! We about died, and have been well fed the whole week since we've been back. I crave scottish pie and crispy toffee cake daily now! Mmmmm! Needless to say, we adore the Bishop.
Our scottish pies with baked beans!
 On our way to Edinburgh Castle, we stopped at a small Kurdish restaurant. We were so nervous, especially as we were recommended the lamb...but we quite enjoyed ourselves! The naan and hummus was a highlight for me, but I loved the sweet almond rice, and even tried some succulent lamb! The felafel was to die for. We were so grateful that Eileen was there to guide us.
 On our way up the "Royal Mile."
 Edinburgh Castle was just what we wanted to see in a castle-so medieval and full of fantasy stories. We especially loved to see the crown jewels.
 Our fearless leaders.
 The breathtaking view from the top of the really, you couldn't even breathe with all the wind up there.
 George just put that ball down...amazing.
 Arthur's Seat (the mountain) behind us.
What a perfect day. We ate dinner with friends again that evening, and had a few laughs and wonderful stories. 
Words cannot describe what we came back with from Scotland. We had the time of our lives, and truly feel that we have family in Scotland now. These few days were so precious to us and gave us a new outlook on life. We will never be able to repay George and Eileen for their hospitality and love.
We can't wait until we meet again.

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TyandMar said...

It's sounds like Ty and I need to go to Scotland with you guys as our guides! I would love to meet your new friends! They look so sweet.
By far, my favorite part of going to Brazil with Ty was meeting all his friends there. Sweetest, most generous people I've ever met. I'm glad you got to meet and travel with locals cause it makes ALL the difference. You REALLY get to experience the culture that way.