Saturday, May 28, 2011

our last sweet days in Scotland.

As I promised: an account of our last days in Scotland.
 We began our day at "House for an Art Lover."
 The design was so revolutionary!
 There was a beautiful garden outside.
 In Glasgow we visited the center of the city and toured their version of a city hall-where Eileen and George both used to work.
 George, the charmer, picked this beautiful rose from me. I kept telling Addison that he better step it up or George might steal me away!
 We had dinner at Souter Johnny's! It was delicious, (I had the gourmet mac & cheese! topped off with sticky toffee cake) and we got to meet the wonderful friends of George and Eileen-including Bishop Gilardy whom I'd met in Utah last April!
We wrapped up the evening doing all we could do to pay George and Eileen back-we sang for them. This evening was my favorite spent in Scotland. There was such a warmth from all of these special people, and we felt such a connection. We miss them all already!

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