Saturday, May 7, 2011

oh really? tell me how you really feel.

Today we had the opportunity to tour the Globe and Rose Theatres.
(PS-we totally saw Geoffrey from "Fresh Prince" in a rehearsal. You can see him down there with the hat on! Good thing we're seeing him in "much ado") 
These tours sparked a great conversation between Addison and I.
The tour guide talked about how the Globe reconstruction was almost completely made from the same methods and materials as the original Globe. He also said that no matter where you are in The Globe you will always have an obstructed view of something..which got me thinking...As we went to see the actual Rose theatre foundation (that was discovered, excavated, and preserved about 20 years ago) they told us about the battle they've had in trying to keep the remains and make it a display open to the public. The remains are underneath a huge commercial office building that shifted their foundation so that the remains could be preserved in the basement. They told us it would take at least 5 million pounds to do what their trying to do next year and were asking for donations.
As I was pondering all this effort to keep monuments of the past alive, I couldn't help but thinking, why aren't we just making our own stamp on history?
I don't want to sound like I don't appreciate seeing these historical sites that totally formed theatre today. Yet, I feel that we know more now that we should be using that knowledge from what they made to progress.
Yesterday, we visited the National Theatre for a tour, which I adore. The architect of that building wanted to make something revolutionary. He went around to directors, actors, frequent audience members, etc., and asked them what they would do differently and what would make things more convenient. He got his inspiration from an outdoor amphitheater in Rome, and built upon it to make the best possible theatre he could with all the resources the present could offer. The stages are incredible, and every seat IDEAL. I feel that we should be leaving legacies like that.
Do I believe that places like The Globe have historical value and are interesting to see? Yes, of course.
Do I think that's what we should be striving for and pumping money into? No.


Anonymous said...

Love it! WHen you get a strong opinion it always brings a smile to my face. Your pictures are beautiful. And I love the new shoes.

Carolyn said...

i completely agree about making our own stamp on history...i have this thought every time i go to a historical sight!