Saturday, May 28, 2011

london road.

We saw this show tonight, and it was incredible.
It was all based on interviews this man did in Ipswich. In 2006 a serial killer murdered 5 prostitutes, and when they found him-he was in a house on London Road. This follows the story through the eyes of the community, and all of the music and dialogue is based very closely on the actual interviews. They use all the same cadences that people gave him, keeping the "ums" and "uhs", so it was all very human. Because it was so human nature and realistic, and I was completely captivated the whole time, I came to realize how intriguing just being human is. As an actor onstage, you're always asking yourself, "am I doing enough? am I being interesting?" This play definitely proved that human nature is enough, that we are intriguing without all the bells and whistles. What a treat to see this kind of theatre.


Shelby Gene said...

so glad you liked it. the speech reminded me a lot of the show i just did at SLAC. So natural. So human. :) This show rocked. for real. so glad we both got to see it!!

Melwel said...

great reflection....and LOVE the big green lawn chair!