Saturday, May 7, 2011

just another day in london town.

Our tour at the Globe.
My  new shoes :)

A trip to Borough Market for lunch!
Turkish Delights?? Gross.
We chose chocolate covered, cinnamon rolled almonds and macadamia instead!
(Shelby! You NEED to get these while you're here!)
Quiche and mango smoothie for me!
St. Paul's from the walking bridge. It's the same one that gets destroyed by death eaters in Harry Potter! You can look at it here.
We ended the day taking buses around finding the way back to our flat. We found this little market and I got the cutest pocket watch necklace! I've been looking for one for forever! Huzzah. Victory.
Ps-Anne Hathaway is filming a commercial in the street next to us...just thought you oughta know...
Pps-We saw "Wicked" last night-it was awesome as was Add's 3rd Elphaba I've ever seen, I may have peed my pants.


Shelby Gene said...

those look tastey! i will totes get some. ahh bre this post made me sooo excited!!!!!

Bailee said...

The best Elphaba I saw was in London as well. Kerry Ellis as Elphaba. Actually it was my favorite production of Wicked I've seen. West End theatre is just awesome! :)Love reading... and so jealous!

Jessica said...



OF EVERYTHING! Makes me nostalgic. :) Love you girl! Glad to see you're having fun!