Tuesday, May 31, 2011

happy birthday husband!!

Today is Addison's birthday!
We will be off on a walk through Kent most of the day, to Addison's utter disgust (we're not extremely athletic people). But we will finish the day off strong with a cadbury chocolate cake, made from yours truly, and a show of course! We're thinking about, "Love Never Dies", haha- aka "Phantom of the Opera 2". Or maybe we'll go to the cinema and catch "Pirates"? Who knows!
I love this guy.
We have the greatest time together. Can you believe we've spent a straight month together and not once gotten sick of each other? It's going to be hard coming home just for that reason. We're actually going to have to separate longer than going to the bathroom.
So here are some birthday balloons my dear!
Thanks for being my best friend.
Happy Birthday to the best husband I ever had. hehehe :)
We're going to have a wonderful day bashing around London!

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TyandMar said...

Happy Birthday Addison!! Hope you have a wonderful day in England. :)