Wednesday, May 4, 2011

fashion alert.

In our preparation for London, we have been fasting.
Fasting...on the buying of clothes, that is. 
We knew that London, being the fashion forward city it is, would offer us such a better variety of what we wanted. Plus, the things that we would buy would be an investment-as you are guaranteed they will stay in fashion at least a year or two as the fad slowly migrates to the states.
Therefore, today was a shopping day, and let me tell you a secret:
the 90's are back!
That's right! Pull out your scrunchies, shoulder pads, floral print, and acid wash denim.
Here are some examples of what we found today:
 The calculator-watch.
Prints similar to this.
Acid-wash jeans and leggings-EVERYWHERE.
Jumpsuits and overalls.
Yeah. Dunno how to describe this one.
Ankle socks-meant to be seen and in the open...
Floral print, anywhere you could think to put it.
The scrunchie.
And behold, the long dress.
I am pretty upset about this one...I dunno if I can do it! But I feel that when a fad finally hits one garment-approved item, I should take it! I am determined to come home with one.
Brace yourselves America, mark my words-in a year, you will be seeing this everywhere.

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