Sunday, May 29, 2011

the facebook stalk.

One of the most interesting parts of London is this new circle of friends we've found ourselves in. We are brand new to all of them, and have been known as "the marrieds". It's so crazy because none of these people have ever known us as separate people. We have gotten to completely define ourselves as a couple here. They all assume that Addison and I have been married forever (not just 5 months ago!), and that I have always been a short haired brunette girl. Little did they know that I have had a slow progression from my natural hair for years now! 
At stake conference today I ran into a missionary. It was Mike Gillespe. We were students together at BYU Hawaii my freshman year, and hung out all the time! It was the craziest thing, that we met half way across the world, and now met again in London. But it took him some convincing that I was who I said I was, as when we knew each other (and when I met Addison for the first time) I looked like this:
BYU Hawaii Summer 2008
As the other students here have been trying to figure us out, several have confessed they've facebook stalked me. And this is what they would have found:
Jed/Emma's Wedding Summer 2008
Christmas 2008
London Study Abroad Summer 2009
Dating Addison Spring 2010
Engagements photos Fall 2010
LA, Spring 2011
Yesterday, Portabello Road 2011
Yes, blonde is my natural color, but now I know for sure Addison didn't just love me for my hair :)
Sooooo...maybe back to blonde next? Full circle?


Landon said...
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Anonymous said...

Its not fair that you can pull off Blonde, Brown and Red. You are too cute. Love you Sissy.

TyandMar said...

I agree with Landon. There are not many out there that can go through so many different looks and rock each one! Love you little BeeBee. :) You are beautiful.

Symantha said...

Fun fact--Mike and I are both from Texas and he was in my EFY group one year. So that's weird.