Wednesday, May 25, 2011

a blissful day.

Yesterday was a random, yet blissful day in London. We had slightly different plans-but something we've learned here is that sometimes you just have to go with the flow and usually it takes you where you need to be. 
The Obama family is in London, (click here to see a movie) when their Ireland trip was cut short because of the volcano in Iceland. They are making friends with Wills/Kate-and arrived at Buckingham Palace not two five minutes before this picture was taken!
 The Royal Calvary was doing something in the park...
 ...with canons firing every 10 seconds...(look here)
 We visited St. Paul's Cathedral.
 Made our way across the walking bridge.
 Found this guy playing on the shore of the Thames...(click here)
 Bought some mint chocolate ice cream bars from here.
 And ate them on the Thames-before going into the Globe to see a matinee of, "Much Ado About Nothing". My favorite Shakespeare! It was great. We saw our Weber friends there! What a pleasant surprise!
 We saw, "Billy  Elliot", that night and it was just fine. It wasn't our favorite music or story-but the talented little kids were worth the ticket price. (especially as we were sitting in the 2nd row :)
All remains well in London! More about the end of our Scotland trip to come! We're off to see, "One Man, Two Guvnors" at the National-should be supurb!

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Melwel said...

Hey kids.......looking good..... love ya