Sunday, May 1, 2011


While in London, I've noticed some things:

1. Sliced bread...okay so the kind we can afford isn't gourmet! Does it matter that we're poor students? Not to Addison. He won't touch it.

2. We're the only married people on a "dating is off limits" program. We're just really glad we have a room together.

3. Our ward assignment is an hour and a half away...and it starts at 9:00 AM. HA! Talk about dedication.

4. Our food goes in mice-proof tupperware.GAH.

5. Buying food here is a weekly thing. There's no such thing as buying "Costco-sized" proportions and hoping it will last for two weeks.

6. Your student ID is your golden ticket. They love students here-seriously shows, movies, museums? Everything is discounted for us and sometimes free! The US should take note.

7. There are a MILLION dialects of English. Think you know an English accent? Which one!? They are all different.

8. Smoke alarms are sensitive.

9. Addison's YELLOW personality comes out when surrounded by new people. I'm so glad Addison is here to help me meet new people.

10. Sometimes puppet theatre is incredible. I've never really believed in childrens Shakespeare, I was proved VERY wrong yesterday-and I love that kind of being proved wrong.

11. "English water is nast"-Addison. They don't believe in iced water here either.

12. Cheddar cheese is not really orange. We DYE it in the states! It remains in it's purest form here-which makes it a little more fancy to eat!

13. I love spending every moment discovering, and making discoveries with Addison.


TyandMar said...

We missed you today but it was fun talking to you via skype for a minute. Loved reading the article about you two in the Standard Examiner. Cute!

dave + kirst said...

addison is right - english water is NAST! don't know how the Brits survived that long on it ;)