Tuesday, April 26, 2011

the winner!

So, although the general consensus was that our little jar of change was somewhere between $18-40. There was only person close! We took our money in yesterday and here's the breakdown:

Dollars: 3
Quarters: 229
Dimes: 220
Nickels: 137
Pennies: 620

For a grand total of!:
Change is deceiving!

Maryann! Who guessed $89.23-you are the winner-and it's perfect because it was your birthday yesterday! Happy Birthday! 
Congratulations on your "Kate/William" commemorative coin!

Well, be thinking of us today and 1:05 PM as our jet plane takes us across the pond.


Janet Vise said...

YEA!! I never win anything! :)
You guys travel safely and have SO much fun. What an adventure!

Janet Vise said...

That was me again, Mar.

Melwel said...

I wish I was a mouse in your pockets.....
That was a lot of money for a little change jar.....

Be safe.