Tuesday, April 19, 2011

a wager.

It has been a habit of mine (as a non-carrier of change), to collect all of my change in a jar.
I would usually do this for a year, and then when I needed extra money for Christmas presents, I would use it!
This year, in all the wedding hullabaloo I forgot to use my collection. Addison starting adding to my collection as well, and we decided the best time to use it would be in London.
So here we are, exactly one week away from our departure...and we're curious. 
How much is actually in there?
We thought we'd ask you!
Post your guess of how much is in the jar, and whoever guesses the closest, Addison and I will bring you home a "Kate and William" coin of your very own from London.

 Let the guessing begin!


Anonymous said...

$37.85 is my guess and Monson's guess is $27.68

Sarah said...

Hmmm... my guess is $23.47.

Melwel said...


Jenna said...

$18.74 is my guess! This is like The Price is Right rules, right? So if you over you're out!?

TyandMar said...


Shelby Gene said...

24 buckeroos!

Anonymous said...

67.32 sounds like right sturdy number. Change is deceiving.
- grandma sheri

Madi said...

I say $32.16:) love this idea!! so excited for you guys to go to europe!!! It is my dream so live it for me too:)

Missy said...

$43.27.... so excited for you guys and your amazing adventure!