Saturday, April 23, 2011

a side of perspective.

Today was a wonderful and laid back day. Definitely what I needed. Finals are over! And Addison and I are focusing on packing. It's such an exciting time! 
We started off the day with an 8:00 choir practice---ouch. I was not a happy camper this morning! (it's okay gma-I know it was necessary! ) :) Then I headed to Salt Lake while Addison detailed some cars. I met my mom and oldest niblings, Naomi and Nate, at the Joseph Smith building. We watched the newly edited Joseph Smith movie which was so so good. My mom and I blubbered like babies.
We ate at the Lion House-YUM! Then walked around temple square. If it's been a while for you, or you've never been-GO. It was so nice just to take everything in. We went to the top of the Latter-Day Saint Office Building. A first for my mother and I! 
At the top, I took this picture:
It was so odd to see things this way! I was looking around all the streets, and buildings that I thought I knew their layout. Seeing the freeways curve from up there, and where the U of U is, and Primary Children's all just got me thinking.
When I'm driving around, I feel like I know the rights and lefts. I know north from south. I can't see where I'm going, but my mapquest can tell me step by step how to maneuver on the grid of streets, over top buildings I can't see over. I wonder what it's like to be the Lord and see the birds-eye view, and us trying to find our way through streets, around the buildings. He's gotta have so much patience to see us constantly make wrong turns. But also, so much love to help us find the right way again.
Here's some more pictures of the day:

Addison took me through an Endowment Session here for the first time on Thursday. I LOVED it! I came out totally giddy with the spirit :)
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We'll reveal the winner on Monday!


Melwel said...

I like the pic from the top of the cob's really cool...and the temple pics are are a good photographer!

funny: My word verification is chick....perfect for Easter

Actor said...

This is a great post.

Si said...

Bree, We saw this movie with Stephen and Jake just before Stephen left on his mission. A volunteer told us they were making changes to the movie soon. Just wondering, what were the changes?? Great pics.

bre and add said...

Hey Si! You know, I couldn't tell what they were exactly. I know they took out the part where they cut into Josephs' leg as a boy...but other than that? It did seem more focused though more on the restoration than Josephs' life. It was very powerful :)