Saturday, April 9, 2011

red bips night.

Tonight was a "red bips" (as my nephew, Harry, calls red lips) night.
We had decided early on in the week that Friday would be a great date night. The weather put a damper on our original plans, but we soon found ourselves at one of our favorites, Costa Vida. Fun fact: Costa actually catered our wedding luncheon! So I think it's safe to say: we're fans.
We shared our usual pork salad, no beans, 1/2 vinaigrette and 1/2 ranch dressing.
Which in 5 minutes flat looked like...
We don't mess around.
But then! We got an unexpected text! My dear friend, Mickey, and her lovely husband, Alex, were wondering what we were up to. We quickly made plans for Orange Leaf...where else? And then to see, Rango.
About two minutes into the movie, the fire alarm goes off.
And while it was cool to see the firetruck, we were still sad about the cold we were forced to stand in.
On the upside, we got raincheck passes! Probably a couple more than we should have...hmm.
Plus, it was just an alarm, we were let back in the theatre 15 minutes later, left to enjoy our movie.

What a fun night. Addison and I got home and realized that that was our first double date since we've been married, and it was like therapy to the soul.
How nice to be in such good company, with friends who're in the same boat.
I think we needed that :)


Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness---actual fire in the theater! What an experience. Not many people can say that that has happened. What a cute pic of you four being sad outside the movie though. Glad y'all had a good date night.

Emchillada said...

That IS crazy about the fire! Unfortunately though, not very surprising for the dilapidated Bountiful theatre. Jed said he never wanted to go there again after we saw Wall-E there 2 years ago because it was so run down. As for me, I kind of like that nothing has changed there since Jr. High. Few things in life have that kind of consistency you know? (atleast for me anyway!) Just seeing your pic in front of the railings/ramp brings back memories of chocolate raspberry lip smacker, pear glacé VS body spray, & the anxiety of boy crushes & how to find a ride home!
Love you guys! And your little blog too!