Saturday, April 9, 2011


This movie was fascinating to say the least.
I was not, in the least bit, prepared for what I was about to see.
First of all, the plot was completely unconventional. I was captivated the entire time. Addison and I have seen a few movies lately, and we have not come out of any of them talking as much and as deep as we had this one. As a result of a hist & lit class, we were all thinking, why now? Why is this story being told at this time? One of the major themes of the movie was that heroes and legends are a thing of the past, and with industry now, we only need a natural resource in order to control everything. How interesting. They juxtaposed two very different time periods which was thought provoking as well.
Also, I don't remember the last show I laughed out loud in. I did several times! The physical comedic timing and clever lines were too spot on!
The animation was excellent-Addison himself was impressed! The textures and details were insane. This also made all of the characters so raw, and very often grotesque. 
It also supported very noble morals. It stressed the importance that you decide who you are, which definitely struck a chord with me.
How incredibly smart, especially for an animated film.
What a worthwhile mystery, western, with almost an "independent-film" type feel.

Oh, and I don't recommend taking kids under 10-12 really...some parts I was truly terrified in! Plus some of the jokes are a little bit "mature"...if you get my drift ;)
Go see it.


Janet Vise said...

My brother Nate and his wife Jen took their kids to this! They obviously didn't read up on it before hand. They walked out just 15 mins into the movie. I'm glad...cause, from what I read, it's very much an adult movie.
Love the red bips. so cute.

Janet Vise said...

That was Mar. Don't know who this Janet Vise character is...

SamanthaZ said...

I am glad I read this. I wasn't sure when I saw the previews, but you made me curious. I won't take any little kids with me. Love your hair!