Wednesday, April 6, 2011

prep class.

So today we went on a little jaunt to Provo, where we made our final payment on our London tuition, went to our 1st and only prep class, and picked out our nifty backpacks!
Like when a team gets sweatshirts...these are ours! Definitely an upgrade from the one I got last time, and they're "dakine"...ooooo :)
Addison immediately came home, found some fabric markers and started coloring over the "byu" logo.
So now it looks like this:                                                                Not this:
He would.
We got to meet our group today, and we are super excited about our professors and the few people we were actually able to talk to. We talked to the directors, and (hopefully) secured our rooming situation so that we can actually room together...yeah...Huzzah! 


Anonymous said...

Good move add! It looks so much better. And now you don't have to be embarrassed about walking around with that thing.

Melwel said...

SO EXCITED....and Like the new hair cuts on BOTH of you!

Si said...

Bahaaaa. Loved that Addison took care of the backpack.
Landon's comment. funny.