Saturday, April 30, 2011

66 and sunny.

We've had a marvelous couple days!
Yesterday, of course, was the Royal Wedding.
We were not able to see things in person, but we were right there in the action.
Read here for the full story!
Today, we woke to the fire alarm at 4 in the morning. Someone with jetlag was burning toast in our kitchen. We all had to evacuate and take a little stroll.
When we really did wake up, to our shock, it was 1:30 in the afternoon!
We still made as much of the day as possible. For breakfast we discovered our fridge temperature must be a bit high as our milk looked like this:
we went out to explore Hyde Park, which Addison's never been in. We live right across the street from it! It was a gorgeous day. 66 and sunny all day! We saw the Albert memorial:
Then we found my favorite site so far:
Princess Diana's Fountain :) It was beautiful.
It's a ring pool that you are welcome to put your feet in and cool off.
We were so confused at first, we were expecting a some spouting fountain that was pretty to look out. But once we realized how symbolic and hands-on this fountain was, we loved it. 
Princess Dianna was the first person in the royal family to really break the mold. She was extremely hands-on with her charity work, and truly was the people's princess. She wanted her children, Prince's Harry and William to know how normal people lived, and often broke the mold in their education and upbringing to give them an idea of what normalcy is, which is the much of the reason that William found Kate. (they met at a lower University than he was expected to attend as he was trying to have a more normal education) Dianna had a lot to do with the support of those with AIDS. When AIDS was first being widespread, her big thing was to tell people that you can still hug people with AIDS, and that they were those most in need of a hug. She also was very hands-on with children in the hospital, which is why this fountain for children to play and cool off in is so appropriate. She also has a memorial playground in Hyde Park. We found the whole thing very beautiful and just what she'd want for a memorial.
We also went to a children's puppet show tonight of The Tempest. We loved it! Very cleverly done!
Oh yes, and this was in the lobby of the theatre!
We love you Lai!


Melwel said...

Laila was excited to see her name....

This is lovely...
I am so glad you are sharing

dave + kirst said...

:( I want to go to there!