Sunday, March 13, 2011

Year of the Baby

The Briggs family is definitely pulling it's weight in the baby department this year.
Two weeks ago Maryann (far left) had beautiful Marty Alice.
And she's doing so well! Emma (second to the left on top picture) had her gorgeous baby this past week, and we get to see her today!! Zina Jane (goes by Zuzu) Hurray! We can't wait. 
We are so excited for our cousins, and especially Kirsten/Dave's baby boy(far right on top picture).
I'm so proud of all of my sisters-what wonderful examples they are to us. We love you!
Addison's new to all these nieces and nephews (lovingly known as the "niblings"), and he was born to be with little kids in my opinion. They all love uncle Addison.


JedBoy said...

Addison, is this picture right before Lucy threw up on you?

wahlstrom said...

Love little Marty Alice in those pictures! You guys are a great aunt/uncle pair!