Sunday, March 20, 2011

spring break

Spring break was a success.
We started off the week with a date...since it had been a while... We went to one of our favorite places, Rumbi! We love the hula salad.
If you haven't had their sweet potato fries, you are missing out!
I have been re-decorating my dad's optometrist office, and so at a recent trip to Ikea, and with Harry Potter fresh on my mind, I found something...
You've got it! A mandrake! Haha :)

We got back from a small weekend trip to Moab-cheering my mother on at the 1/2 marathon. We had a blast! Way to go mom! Not many people can say their mother's run 59 races...but I can :)

It was a bit windy!


Shelby Gene said...

LOVE the Mandrake. Also-GO JULIE!

Anonymous said...

I love Dave peaking out between you two!

bre and add said...

who are you dude page? higuyjoe?

TyandMar said...

Wahoo! Run momma run! Glad you guys had fun.