Friday, March 11, 2011

So Grateful....

So, this past week I've gained a testimony of what I like to call, "The Jesus Principle". After you do everything you possibly can, the Lord makes up for the rest. Addison has another name for it, it's his motto for life really, and those of you who know Addison know that he lives by this completely. 
"Do good, trust God, and don't worry."
Now I've got to start trusting that Addisons' right...sometimes ;)

All I can say is that Addison and I are two newlywed college art students who are going to London for 6 weeks debt free.
I love fafsa, my mom, and my husband.

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Anonymous said...

YAY! Stay full of faith and Just keep moving forward. Sometimes that boy is right...i'm sticking with you on that sometimes business ;) hahaha.
Love you both, so excited for you, and so thrilled and happy about your miracle! It was/is definitely a Divine Signature!