Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Royal Wedding

Addison and I are leaving to London April 26th. The Royal Wedding is the 29th. Convinced that we will be invited, and knowing the dress code (Women: hats/gloves, Men: leisure suit), we have begun our search for my perfect hat

Here's how we've done so far:
This actually was for my peacock-inspired wedding, but better late than never.

But our absolute favourite is:

I think Kate and William won't have a choice but to invite us after they see me.


Landon and Josh said...
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Landon said...

The red one is cool. THe peacock one is my fave. and the black and white picture that one looks like a bigger version of the had karen sharkey is wearing in her FB profile pic.

Love you sister

Melwel said...

Love the hats...and love that you spell Favourite the Brittish way!