Wednesday, March 23, 2011


In Addison and I's quest to come out on the positive side of London financially, we have been donating plasma twice a week. Now, I'm not going to pretend that each visit doesn't get you a little squemy, but it also is kind of therapeutic? When you go to donate plasma, they take you back at first for a finger prick, make sure your weight, plasma level, etc are at a good place, and ask you a few questions. Then you wait for a few more minutes and they take you back for the actual donating. You get your own little bed and cubbie, and set up your arm rest. They come hook you up, and you sit for 35-60 minutes donating! We girls only take about 35 minutes due to our thinner blood. You go in about 5 minute increments of pumping your arm, and resting while the blood is pumped back into your system, and the plasma is filtered out and collected. As Addison and I have been talking about it, we've come to really enjoy and appreciate our time in the center. It's not often that you're forced to sit for a few minutes of your day and just ponder and relax. It should happen more often I guess!

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Anonymous said...

It does sound very nice! And you are getting paid for your relaxation time...BONUS