Thursday, March 3, 2011

marriage demeanor...?

So lately I've been told, "you look different!", "you act different since you got married, you're much more solemn now", "you look so tired", etc... At first I thought it was just the new haircut thing, but after the "acting different" comment, I'm beginning to think otherwise! I was starting feel really low about it, but my mother-in-law made me feel much better! She asked Addison a few days ago, "So, does everyone ask you now why you're so tired?" YES!! She explained that she got the same thing for like a year after her and Wayne were married. She came to the conclusion that you just have new weights on your shoulders and that marriage should come with a new level of maturity. With all this saving up for London, you can't imagine the things we're doing to earn money! Commuting to Park City everyday, detailing cars, driving to Logan to deliver bookshelves, donating plasma, house-sitting, cleaning houses, battling FAFSA, borrowing, driving ppl to the airport, judging debate's crazy, but worth it! So with all of this work, on top of school, oh yeah, and teching a show, it's no wonder we're beat! Yet, believe me, Addison doesn't think of me any more maturely after living with me for a couple months now! But I just thought it was interesting. 

So here is proof (hopefully) of our failing maturity.
 Addison, as "Auntie Em"-The Wizard of Oz
 Me, as "Lady Mac".
A smooch for Voldy :)
(I hope you all know that's from Harry Potter)


Anonymous said...

I've decided what you should say to people when they say things like you look tired or you act different. You say, "yeah You've changed since I got married too--you've become a real jerk" (of course you can insert other words besides jerk as well) hahaha.

I still think you're fun and great! Running around like crazy trying to make ends meet is taxing. Poor life can be a great adventure though. Don't let others get you down. You are wonderful.

Melwel said...

Different isn't always bad.... Change isn't bad just is.... and it can be GREAT!

dave + kirst said...

ha - i agree with Landon!

i had no idea you were doing all that jazz! geesh bre. no wonder addison wanted to just calm down and watch LOTR. i'd want to just veg too!

Shelby Gene said...

I think you are just as amazing now as you were in November!:) Just give yourself a break okay?! I love you!