Sunday, March 6, 2011

Love from brother

"Nowadays it seems the norm is to get established in life and then get married. Or to expect a very speedy establishment once married. This has not been the norm for long. It used to be the couples got married and overtime became established together. It is these poor but madly in love years that can be so crucial to a relationship years later. Don't squander what will be recalled as 'the good ol' days'. These poor years are not worth stressing out about or being upset over--ever. Just laugh off the $20 is the bank and remember you are in love and what the bigger picture will be. However while doing this stay in the moment. Remember this moment. And often reflect back to this time."
---Landon Cole Welch

I love you brother!


Shelby Gene said...

what a good guy :)

Anonymous said...

Love you sister