Sunday, March 6, 2011

The late night crazies

Okay so last night at about 3:23am I awoke to a bug crawling on my face. After a flung it to it's death. I turned to Addison in the need for some comfort. I exclamed what happened and he held me and and whispered words of assurance then he held my head sweetly and said, "I know what to do. I will take you across the ocean."

Um, what? When I questioned him about what this meant he simply shook his head knowingly.

As of this morning he has no recollection of this incident. But after giving it some thought later on in the afternoon, addison claims he was dreaming of jesus.


Melwel said...

Sorry about the bug....get some spray..

Happy about the ocean comment...I was thinking London....not Jesus. Hmmmmmm???

Melwel said...

The first of a long line of awkward night talks with your hubby :P

Bailee said...

hahahaha that's so funny. :) I would've been so scared if there were a bug on my face. Gotta love sleep-talking :)

The Sisterhood said...

HOLY COW NAN i'm crying laughing. i'm laughing SO hard that my boss is like WHAT THE HECK. i mean, tears rolling down my face. so my boss is like, okay fine, tell me what's funny. so since i can't explain well, and this is pretty short, i tried to read it to her.... to no avail because i couldn't stop laughing. so i made her read it. she laughed. she's not crying though.
holy cow nan. holy cow. way to go addison!!!! you funny funny funny.